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How we did it for Avivo Townhomes... Learn More

Building a Brand from the Ground Up.

Avivo, a brand new multifamily housing community in San Luis Obispo built by Montage Development, was the latest venture in a 15 year relationship between the builder and Glyphix. Developed in phases over the course of several years, Avivo will ultimately offer 130+ units along California’s coveted Central Coast. With a long history of successfully marketing Montage Development’s products, including single family residences, multifamily condominium communities, private homes, and apartment complexes, it was a natural fit for Montage to partner with Glyphix on their newest creation. Over the years, Glyphix’ marketing strategy for Montage properties have helped the builder sell literally thousands of housing units in dozens of locations throughout Southern California and now along the Central Coast.

As a new development, Glyphix was able to work closely with both Montage and their partner, City View, in creating the entire Avivo brand. Glyphix worked with Montage, City View, and others, including the local sales team and Chamber of Commerce to create a marketing strategy based on demographic research of likely buyers in the local market as well as neighboring areas. The strategy began by developing individual buyer profiles and then creating compelling messages for each of those buyers. Each profile was then matched with relatable images that conveyed the type of community in which each buyer profile would like to live.

From that strategy Glyphix built the brand and created everything from the name of the development, logo, signage, and website to print ads, outdoor boards, sales office materials, the media buy, a ton of collateral and more.

The numbers don’t lie, the marketing strategy and materials were an overwhelming success. The 37 units comprising the first phase of Avivo sold out in less than three months, beating the aggressive sales numbers requested by City View and launching construction on Phase II. And, based on community interest, including Phase II pre-sale orders, Phases III and IV will follow as quickly as they can be built.

“We trust Glyphix with our most important projects, and have been consistently amazed at the results they have achieved for us. They take the time to listen to our needs, consider our goals, and then create engaging and creative materials. Glyphix is our go-to team, and I give them my highest possible recommendation.”

Jim Spertus, Managing Partner, Spertus Landes & Umhofer

Effective branding starts with going inside your customers’ head and heart.

What motivates them? Why should they care?

How we did it for Fenton|Nelson Healthcare Law... Learn More

Create a Memorable Campaign…STAT!


Nelson Hardiman is an established, well respected law firm with about a dozen highly experienced attorneys and a practice focused on all forms of healthcare law. Having previously worked with the law firm partners in creating and establishing their brand, logo and website, the next challenge came in developing a new marketing campaign.

“I can’t imagine working on branding or advertising with anyone besides Glyphix. They’re experienced pros, responsive and a pleasure to work with. They consistently make us look great with branding that is smart, eye-catching, and memorable.”

Harry Nelson, Managing Partner, Nelson Hardiman

What we did

Charged by the client to come up with a campaign that would break through the clutter and create a memorable impression on the medical groups, hospitals, medical centers, and individual practitioners that made up their target markets, Glyphix explored numerous avenues and put each option through a variety of tests to ensure the client’s message would be heard.

How it worked

From the outset, the campaign hit a nerve. The physical package was oversized, compelling to open and delivered a striking and engaging physical piece. The message hit home, addressing the specific concerns of the target market. The local legal community is very tight knit and news traveled quickly. Phone calls came into the firm and the campaign was so successful, what might have been a one off mailer became the basis for a successful and memorable 3 year campaign.

Marketing is more than throwing ideas around.

See the target and build tools to get a bullseye.

How we did it for Nero Software... Learn More

Standing out on the shelf when space is tighter than ever.


Nero is a software company with a host of different products designed to help consumers manage all of their various digital media needs. Founded in 1995 and headquartered in Germany, with offices in Glendale, California, Nero is an industry leader whose products have reached over 100 million users through software purchases and over 1,000,000 downloads per month in 23 different languages.

What we did

Sold in a traditional retail environment on store shelves in direct competition with similar products, the primary challenge with Nero came in designing packaging that would stand out and set them apart from other software options. A secondary challenge came in using the design to instantly communicate to consumers that the Nero Platinum software, the company’s flagship product and biggest seller, was an all-in-one suite of programs that could address a wide variety of user’s media needs. Once the Platinum package design was finalized, it would be extended to the other software packages, setting the tone and incorporating major elements to provide a comprehensive, unified look to the full line of Nero products.


In order to better understand the market all versions of the competitors’ packaging was analyzed for strengths and vulnerabilities. Then, multiple versions of the Platinum box design were presented to the Nero team with the various designs digitally placed into store shelves so a more informed decision could be made as to how the design looked in a real world, head-to-head competition.

After the final design was selected, the other packaging was developed, followed by package iterations in multiple foreign languages, collateral items such as sales sheets and more.

How it worked

The Nero team was happy enough with the design, and resultant worldwide sales, that they came back again the following year. And again. And again. And asked Glyphix to help them with a new, start up project called Stashimi; but that’s another story.

“We have been working with Glyphix for the past several years and have been thrilled with their ideas and work product. I believe any firm would be thrilled to work with Larry and his creative team.”

Steve Martini, Managing Partner, Martini Iosue & Akpovi

It’s a constant battle for customers and your competition is after yours. We keep clients well armed and battle ready.

How we did it for FileThis... Learn More

Organization Made Easy.


Although technically a start-up, FileThis is a company with a hidden pedigree. Developed by a management team and advisory board of professionals with decades of experience at companies like Apple, Adobe Systems, Extensis, DiamondSoft, Macromedia Ventures and others, FileThis is a time saving document management app designed to automate the user’s tax and other financial statements, monthly bills and other paper records in an easily searchable format. Simply linking the FileThis app to existing online accounts enables the program to automatically pull the appropriate data, save it as a PDF, file it for future viewing, and store it for record keeping purposes forever. The application also serves as a personal scheduler reminding users of imminent due dates for bill payments. And, FileThis employs extraordinary levels of encryption and security, comparable to banking and other financial institutions, to ensure the safety of the information at all stages of operation.

What we did

As an online application with a base plan available for free at the App store for Apple products, the main marketing component doing the majority of the work would be the website. Asking users to give a company access to their personal data meant that the site was going to have to instill a deep sense of trust and comfort to users before they would sign up and give FileThis a try. Fortunately FileThis had the right story to tell and the credentials to back it up.

The site development process was very much a collaborative effort with the client team and each step underwent extensive analysis to ensure the right tone was struck; several course corrections were made along the way as different points were raised and solutions discussed and then enacted. Ultimately, the site required a greater depth and breadth than most sites in order to fully convey all that FileThis could do and why it was the right, best choice for consumers looking to simplify their document management.

How it worked

Accepted and trusted as a secure program, FileThis has been welcomed by over 500 of the world’s leading financial, insurance, communication, and utility companies and service providers as a valued partner in helping consumers. Hailed as a “…critical missing link…” by Time Magazine, FileThis has grown significantly in both popularity and use by consumers worldwide.

Projects can change quickly. A flexible creative team doesn’t break under pressure. Calm experience keeps them on track.

How we did it for My Gym... Learn More

A Client You Can Have Fun With.


My Gym is a 30+ year old company with hundreds of corporate owned and franchised locations throughout the US and 23 countries worldwide. They are innovators and leaders in their industry and cater to a specific demographic market. But, the growth of competitors targeting the same market was steadily increasing, and when that happens, it’s a good time for a company-wide review of the brand and marketing efforts.

What we did

As a well established brand with recognizable colors, a cartoon character mascot, and a fun look and feel that needed to be maintained, the challenge became working within those parameters while providing viable options that delivered on the client’s need and give the brand the update it required to remain at the top.

Over the years, Glyphix has worked with the venerable brand in a wide variety of ways, including updating the corporate website to give it a more current look and feel, in-store promotional posters, print ads, fliers, brochures, and other collateral items. But, the project with the greatest impact is the Corporate Style Guide; a management approved book that codifies and lays out exactly what the brand elements are, how they’re allowed to look and how they can be used, all in exacting detail that can not be deviated from for all marketing materials. This is the corporate “bible” to all franchisees on how Corporate wants marketing materials to look.

More than just a place for kids to get some exercise and socialization in a fun environment, My Gyms also have a retail component to them selling add ons such as branded party favors to their successful and highly popular birthday party hosting program. Glyphix worked with the management team to provide new graphics for birthday party gift bags, t-shirts and other accessories.

How it worked

My Gym has become a recurring client that has reached out to Glyphix on a regular basis for the last several years to work on various projects.

A clear brand voice delivers your core values and a reason for being to your audience.

How we did it for Foodida... Learn More

Satisfying the client's craving for creative.


Foodida was a nascent company with a unique hook in need of a comprehensive marketing plan. Already in operation on a very local level, the Foodida team felt the company was ready to expand. The concept of Foodida was simple enough; fast food from your favorite drive-thru restaurants delivered to your home or office by Uber-like drivers who signed up with Foodida via an iPhone app. The challenge was determining the most likely targets to market to and then communicating that idea quickly, creatively, and memorably.

What we did

With little to work from in terms of an existing look and feel, Glyphix had free rein in possible creative approaches. Our goal was create something that made a very fast and emotional connection with the user. Numerous ideas were explored, with the best undergoing further development and refinement. Ultimately, three different, equally strong creative approaches were presented to the client who selected the “Feed the Need” campaign. Simple to understand, easy to execute, and suitable for multiple targeted demographics, “Feed the Need” epitomized the Foodida message in a simple, short, and compelling way.

With the message decided, the visual representation was created as a mash up of the most popular types of fast food items, including hamburgers, burritos and fried chicken presented as a single piece of food. The intent was to make the food as appealing and mouth watering as possible as an encouragement for people to remember Foodida when they were ready to Feed the Need.

How it worked

As a startup, budget was a primary concern. In order to get as much exposure as possible to the client’s broad targets, we opted for an outdoor approach, creating outdoor and bus wraps along a busy corridor in the San Fernando Valley. This allowed us to target both potential customers and drivers. We then followed up with targeted direct mail and print ads. Bon Appetite! For more information go to foodida.com

It takes focus, teamwork, creativity, experience and agility to achieve your advertising goals.

How we did it for American Jewish University... Learn More

An education in branding.


The American Jewish University, or AJU, is a group of 10 diverse and distinct colleges each offering a unique field of study across a wide range of both Jewish and non-jewish areas of interest. From the Miller Introduction to Judaism Program to the Graduate School of Nonprofit Management college, the AJU is a well known and highly respected center of higher education among the religious and secular communities of Los Angeles.

The installation of a new Chancellor, and other management team members, meant a renewed focus on, among other things, student and alumni communications, and donor outreach. It was for projects related to these areas that Glyphix was called in to help.


In addition to providing AJU schools with a unified and updated look to their existing e-communications to donors, Glyphix was tapped to bring a strong, cohesive visual structure to the AJU member schools by strengthening the overall brand. Up until the new management team was in place, each school operated with a great deal of autonomy from each other and had their own identities and visual approach; some more polished than others.

The first step was to create an AJU college seal that would serve as the primary look for the brand and that could also be amended to include each of the schools individually. This provided the cohesive feel needed for core of the project. The seal across the board: stationery, brochures, newsletters, signage, clothing, donor cards and student packets and the new face of the AJU brand.

Once completed, the seal and its elements had to be extended in exacting detail so individual schools could use them for their own needs apart from the overarching AJU communication platform. This process resulted in an Identity Usage Guide that clearly and concisely established everything about using the seal, including: terminology, fonts, primary and secondary color palettes, primary and secondary typography, and even the amount of clear space to use in and around the seal; an exhaustive graphic analysis leaving nothing to chance.


Bringing together the voices and opinions of 10 different organizations, and parsing their ideas, criticisms, and feedback to develop a single look was definitely a challenge. Fortunately, everyone was able to keep their focus on the larger goal of having a unified look and cohesive brand and the benefits that come with that. In the final analysis the project went smoothly and was delivered within the projected time frame.