When It Comes to Your Advertising, It’s Not Enough to Throw a Knock Out Punch. You Also Need to Connect.

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Avivo Townhomes logo

Building a Brand from the Ground Up.

Avivo, a brand new multifamily housing community in San Luis Obispo built by Montage Development, was the latest venture in a 15 year relationship between the builder and Glyphix. Developed in phases over the course of several years, Avivo will ultimately offer 130+ units along California’s coveted Central Coast. With a long history of successfully marketing Montage Development’s products, including single family residences, multifamily condominium communities, private homes, and apartment complexes, it was a natural fit for Montage to partner with Glyphix on their newest creation. Over the years, Glyphix’ marketing strategy for Montage properties have helped the builder sell literally thousands of housing units in dozens of locations throughout Southern California and now along the Central Coast.

Effective branding starts with going inside your customers’ head and heart. What motivates them? Why should they care?

Fenton Nelson

Create A Memorable Campaign…STAT!

Nelson Hardiman is an established, well respected law firm with about a dozen highly experienced attorneys and a practice focused on all forms of healthcare law. Having previously worked with the law firm partners in creating and establishing their brand, logo and website, the next challenge came in developing a new marketing campaign.

Marketing is more than throwing ideas around. See the target and build tools to get a bullseye.

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Standing Out On The Shelf When Space Is Tighter Than Ever.

Nero is a software company with a host of different products designed to help consumers manage all of their various digital media needs. Founded in 1995 and headquartered in Germany with offices in Glendale, California, Nero is an industry leader whose products have reached over 100 million users through software purchases and over 1,000,000 downloads per month in 23 different languages.

A clear brand voice delivers your core values and a reason for being to your audience.

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Developing interest for an interest-free loan provider.

Since 1904, Jewish Free Loan Association (JFLA) has offered loans without interest or other fees on a non-sectarian basis to individuals and families whose needs are urgent and who may not qualify through normal financial channels.

It’s a constant battle for customers and your competition is after yours. We keep clients well armed and battle ready.

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Ground up state-of-the-art research branding.

Phytecs is an LA based company made up of some of the brightest doctors, professors and researchers around. This team of international scientists has dedicated themselves to the study of the Endocannabinoid System in the human body and the practical applications of manipulating the ECS as a way of battling multiple diseases.

Projects can change quickly. A flexible creative team doesn’t break under pressure. Calm experience keeps them on track.

My Gym

A client you can have fun with.

My Gym is a 30+ year old company with hundreds of corporate owned and franchised locations throughout the US and 23 countries worldwide. They are innovators and leaders in their industry and cater to a specific demographic market. But, the growth of competitors targeting the same market was steadily increasing, and when that happens, it’s a good time for a company-wide review of the brand and marketing efforts.

It takes focus, teamwork, creativity, experience and agility to achieve your advertising goals.

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American Jewish University

An education in strong branding.

The American Jewish University, or AJU, is a group of 10 diverse and distinct colleges each offering a unique field of study across a wide range of both Jewish and non-jewish areas of interest. From the Miller Introduction to Judaism Program to the Graduate School of Nonprofit Management college, the AJU is a well known and highly respected center of higher education among the religious and secular communities of Los Angeles.

The installation of a new Chancellor, and other management team members, meant a renewed focus on, among other things, student and alumni communications, and donor outreach. It was for projects related to these areas that Glyphix was called in to help.