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How we did it for foodida...

Satisfying The Client's Craving For Creative.

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Foodida was a nascent company with a unique hook in need of a comprehensive marketing plan. Already in operation on a very local level, the Foodida team felt the company was ready to expand. The concept of Foodida was simple enough; fast food from your favorite drive-thru restaurants delivered to your home or office by Uber-like drivers who signed up with Foodida via an iPhone app. The challenge was determining the most likely targets to market to and then communicating that idea quickly, creatively, and memorably.

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What we did

With little to work from in terms of an existing look and feel, Glyphix had free rein in possible creative approaches. Our goal was create something that made a very fast and emotional connection with the user. Numerous ideas were explored, with the best undergoing further development and refinement. Ultimately, three different, equally strong creative approaches were presented to the client who selected the “Feed the Need” campaign. Simple to understand, easy to execute, and suitable for multiple targeted demographics, “Feed the Need” epitomized the Foodida message in a simple, short, and compelling way.

With the message decided, the visual representation was created as a mash up of the most popular types of fast food items, including hamburgers, burritos and fried chicken presented as a single piece of food. The intent was to make the food as appealing and mouth watering as possible as an encouragement for people to remember Foodida when they were ready to Feed the Need.

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How it worked

As a startup, budget was a primary concern. In order to get as much exposure as possible to the client’s broad targets, we opted for an outdoor approach, creating outdoor and bus wraps along a busy corridor in the San Fernando Valley. This allowed us to target both potential customers and drivers. We then followed up with targeted direct mail and print ads. Bon Appetite!

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