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Us in 90 Seconds

Glyphix has over 20 years of experience in building brands, awareness, and sales for their clients.

Larry CohenPresident, Co-founder, Partner

He co-founded Glyphix. His vision of a small agency of talented, skilled professionals doing great work for great clients is what drives the group. He’s a writer. Copy. Scripts. Children’s books. In addition to his work with clients, he understands the financial side of their investment in Glyphix…and keeps Glyphix financially strong and stable.

Brad WilderCreative Director, Co-Founder, Partner

He worked with Larry to get Glyphix going. Art direction and design are his thing. The national and international awards he’s won prove the point. Awards for almost everything… corporate identity, advertising, packaging, in-store merchandising, display and trade show booth design, interfaces, for clients like Nestlé, Mercedes-Benz, Baskin-Robbins, Xircom and Disney. He’s also a tech geek.