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Tixsurance Launches GXCore Website

San Fernando Valley, CA, August 1st, 2017 – Warner Center-based advertising agency, Glyphix Advertising, proves once again that creating effective and professional marketing and advertising materials doesn’t always have to cost a fortune or take months of work.

Tixsurance is a fast growing insurance firm that needed a new website designed and published live on the internet quickly and affordably for an upcoming trade show. They turned to Glyphix who offered their new GXCore website product to meet the Tixsurance deadline and budget in high style.

GXCore is a website model specifically for small- to middle-market clients which delivers proven technology and our years of experience for a very affordable price.

With more than 300 websites under their belt, Glyphix has used their experience to create the GXCore; a website model specifically for small to middle market clients. According to Glyphix Creative Director, Brad Wilder, “We took the best ideas from the websites we’ve developed over the years modified our processes and slimmed it down to the core features most businesses rely on for a website. These features include:

  • Scope Definition: An initial kickoff meeting where we can begin to nail down specific messaging goals.
  • User Interface Design: Incorporating the scope definitions to structure the design/layout and user interaction.
  • Programming and Creative Design: Working in parallel, the design and programming teams create final compressed site graphics ready for inclusion in programming.
  • Responsive Design: Gives the end user a site that is optimized for viewing on their device of choice, whether it’s a phone, tablet, laptop, or desktop.
  • Professional Service Industry Enhanced User Profiles: We have extensive experience working with professional services firms which translates to including all the links to all the appropriate social accounts, so viewers can reach out on their preferred platform.

In short what this means for our clients, and anyone they might refer us to, is they are getting a solid website built on the back of a proven technology and years of experience for a very affordable price.”

The Tixsurance website got the client to the show on time and on budget providing a future opportunity to come up with a long term strategy for a broader marketing program.

Rik Middleton, New Business Director at Glyphix, is quick to point out, “These GXCore sites are not meant to replace the larger more brandable, complex sites that deliver greater functionality, but rather to provide an additional option for smaller firms who are on their way up. We handle about 15 professional service firms, accounting and law firms, and having a wide range of products to help them build brand awareness and drive clients is key for us.”

The new Tixsurance site can be viewed at (opens in a new window) .