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Giving Back to the Community: Glyphix and Minds Matter

On June 10th, Rik Middleton of Glyphix will be volunteering as an industry speaker at the Career Incubator event assembled by the Los Angeles chapter of Minds Matter.

Minds Matter is a program of academics and mentoring which has proven highly successful in empowering high school students from low income families to achieve college readiness and success. It was founded in New York City in 1991. The Los Angeles chapter was launched in 2010.

“We really appreciate your time and help in making this Career Incubator a wonderful event for our students,” enthused Kim Rodriguez, the manager of the Business Track at the Career Incubator. “You will be such a big part of helping our students realize the many paths before them.”

Rik will cover a number of professional topics in his presentation, including:

  • The value, tips and tactics of a professional hand-shaking baby-kisser (a.k.a. networker)
  • The importance of communicating with professionals is and how it might impact their careers in the future.
  • Best practices when in a group of intimidatingly powerful and charismatic people.
  • How to be the most interesting person in any room.