Better Biz Dev Through Advertising

Let’s be honest, not everyone is a PT Barnum or Don King, arguably two of the greatest promoters of all time. What made them great was their unabashed ability to walk into a room, dominate the space, and start a conversation with anyone or everyone. This requires a boldness you may not possess. However, priming … Continued

Giving Back to the Community: Glyphix and Minds Matter

  On June 10th, Rik Middleton of Glyphix will be volunteering as an industry speaker at the Career Incubator event assembled by the Los Angeles chapter of Minds Matter. Minds Matter is a program of academics and mentoring which has proven highly successful in empowering high school students from low income families to achieve college … Continued

Why are you NOT using Google Alerts?

We live and work in a competitive world, right? Every day, CMOs and firm managers are trying to figure out what’s going on in the marketplace and how to leverage that information to give us an edge over our competition. In my professional experience I have found two important keys to staying ahead of that … Continued

Does Your Logo Suck?

If you are a large, highly visible company, and you introduce a new logo, the internet will be more than happy to let you know they think it sucks. Instagram, Airbnb, Hersheys, and the Los Angeles Chargers are a few organizations whose new logos have encountered public ridicule over the past few years. Unfortunately, public … Continued

Sales Will Soar With New Addition To Glyphix Team

Warner Center-based creative firm Glyphix Advertising is excited to announce that it has brought on Rik D. Middleton, formerly with sageCADRE, to collaborate on new business development and assist with the ongoing management of our current clients. “I met Rik at a ProVisor’s meeting a few years back and the truth is that sageCADRE was … Continued