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How we did it for filethis…

Organization Made Easy.

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Although technically a start-up, FileThis is a company with a hidden pedigree. Developed by a management team and advisory board of professionals with decades of experience at companies like Apple, Adobe Systems, Extensis, DiamondSoft, Macromedia Ventures and others, FileThis is a time saving document management app designed to automate the user’s tax and other financial statements, monthly bills and other paper records in an easily searchable format. Simply linking the FileThis app to existing online accounts enables the program to automatically pull the appropriate data, save it as a PDF, file it for future viewing, and store it for record keeping purposes forever. The application also serves as a personal scheduler reminding users of imminent due dates for bill payments. And, FileThis employs extraordinary levels of encryption and security, comparable to banking and other financial institutions, to ensure the safety of the information at all stages of operation.

What we did

As an online application with a base plan available for free at the App store for Apple products, the main marketing component doing the majority of the work would be the website. Asking users to give a company access to their personal data meant that the site was going to have to instill a deep sense of trust and comfort to users before they would sign up and give FileThis a try. Fortunately FileThis had the right story to tell and the credentials to back it up.

The site development process was very much a collaborative effort with the client team and each step underwent extensive analysis to ensure the right tone was struck; several course corrections were made along the way as different points were raised and solutions discussed and then enacted. Ultimately, the site required a greater depth and breadth than most sites in order to fully convey all that FileThis could do and why it was the right, best choice for consumers looking to simplify their document management.

How it worked

Accepted and trusted as a secure program, FileThis has been welcomed by over 500 of the world’s leading financial, insurance, communication, and utility companies and service providers as a valued partner in helping consumers. Hailed as a “…critical missing link…” by Time Magazine, FileThis has grown significantly in both popularity and use by consumers worldwide.